Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Taste: Marly's Ghost (2)

"Marly was dead, to begin with. There was no doubt whatsoever about that. I had been there. When she went off the treatments, she decided she wanted to die at hime, and she wanted me to be there with her family. So I sat, and I waited, and I was destroyed. There are no metaphors, no words for such a feeling. You are left with no doubt, and endless doubt. We stood around the bed, counting her breaths, holding our own. Her father held her hand. Her mother sobbed. Her grandmothers prayed. I felt as if I was being undone one stitch at a time. She was sixteen years old, but there in bed she could have been ninety."

My comment: I can't wait to read this book, I have read, and loved, some of David Levithan's books before, and I have a feeling that this young adult novel, with a Charles Dickens twist is going to be just as amazing as his other books.

You can find the book here and the author here.

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