Sunday, October 11, 2015

instant moments (3)

This past week has been filled with a lot of good moments, I got to go on a 2-day cruise with one of my best friends, which was awesome, mostly because I got to spend time with Nina, and also because I got to see a small part of a new city. And while I doubt I'll want to go on a cruise like that again (because I'd rather go to another country and stay for a while), I really had an amazing time, and made lost of really fun memories along the way. I also got to get together with three of my oldest and best friends to eat pizza and drink tea, because, for once, we were actually all together in our hometown at the same time. I got to celebrate my younger sisters 20th birthday, and it was great. Overall, this week has become one that I will cherish and look back on with a lot of joy. Which is all we could ever want, right? 

How was your week?

Love, H

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