Sunday, October 18, 2015

instant moments (4)

This past week I haven't been posting on instagram as much as previous weeks, but it has still been a great week. Days spent with family and friends. I came across a video on youtube this week that kind of stopped me in my tracks, because while it was aimed at americans going to Norway, talking about what Norway and norwegians are like, the video gave me a new perspective on my own country and fellow people. It said that while norwegian people might come across closed off or even rude, it is not because we are but simply because we value privacy and personal space, and I found that to be so true. We also value family and friends and spending time with those people, the people that we love, which I also find to be true, because I am very close with my family. Ever since I was little we have spent every summer together at our family summer house/cabin, and I've never really thought about that not being normal for everyone. So this week I've been more aware of the relationship I have with my family and it has been very nice. A lot of the time I think that I (as well as other people) have a tendency to forget about these things, because they've always been a constant in my life, and now that I've really thought about it, I am so grateful for my family.

Love, H

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